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SealNation Streamer Website

As a hobby, I love to stream and make content for a variety of games. Well, I say variety, but lately, it’s been narrowed down to games that have roleplay communities surrounding them. (i.e. Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto).

As a streamer, it’s sometimes nice to have a centralized place that people can learn about you and access more of the things you offer. So, I built my own streamer website out of React learning some really cool libraries along the way. This use to have a full-blown shopping cart that took you over to a PayPal cart for finalized checkout, but I stopped making my own apparel.

You can check it out here:

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Match Chat – Hackweek 2015

I got together with a few others for the yearly Hackweek. We had an idea, it was cool, and we built it well. Using Node, Gulp, Sass, Express, yada yada yada. My personal goal was to get back into using the new tech stacks that are out there. This project was the most fun I have had (in development) since the past 2 years. I felt the passion come alive again. We ended up getting 3rd place out of 16 teams. We were also the only project that was live in “Prod”. Yeah, we took it live…and we did it in 2 days. Live Google Image search for thumbnails. Live Twitter Trends for room creation (with a couple of needed rooms for the biz 😉 ), and much more!

You can check it out at

Front-End Personal Projects

Learning React

I simple Math game using React. I got to take a great starter course on React.js. As a Front-end Developer, I am really liking this new tech. Can’t wait to use this at a more Production level.

Front-End Personal Projects Wordpress

Dad Blog WP Theme

On the brink of becoming a first time father, I felt I needed a place to drop my feelings about pre-baby feelings and post. I wanted to create a place that fearless(yet scared shitless) dads could come for support, reassurance, etc. So, I created Spittin’ and Shittin’. A modern dad approach to mine and hopefully other dads out there. The goal was to bring on other authors to have different tones through the site. Have people connect with the authors and possible create a community. It’s just over a year old. Now that I am chasing a little one around, its even harder to get time to post my thoughts.


Animated Turkeys

Every year, likes to do something fun for the week of Thanksgiving. My first year at Match, I was lucky to have the task assigned to me. This allowed for me to flex a little of the more advanced coding to create an animated scene with turkeys “Finding Love”. This project was quick and fun! You can check out the prototype I created before I actually added it to the login screen on

Check It Out

Apps Design Mobile Personal Projects

Android Phonegap – DFUW Status

I recently published an Android app to go along with the Darkfall Unholy Wars site. The objectives were to familiarize myself with app development and to provide the website and game users a way to see the status of the game servers via mobile. I chose Phonegap to ‘bridge the gap’ between HTML, CSS and Javascript with the native device framework. It was a great entry project into the world of app development. Phonegap provided a way to develop the UI of the app in a comfortable environment, but I feel Phonegap has it’s limitations to provide more advanced native features.

Want to test it out? Head on over to Google Play and download it!

Apps Front-End Mobile Personal Projects

TODO List Widget

Diving more into Backbone, SASS, and a new scaffolding workflow I came across (yeoman), I decided to also play around with the webkitSpeechRecognition api. This todo list widget will save locally a list of items you want to get done. If you use a webkit browser (Chrome), it will also allow you to use voice to add items to your list. I am starting to appreciate Backbone much more (even though its a headache at first). The Yeoman Generators helped kickstart the project in a matter of seconds, and who doesn’t love SASS?

Note: The Speech Recognition only works in Chrome.

Apps Front-End Personal Projects

Neverwinter Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions can be very helpful. Especially if you find something that can help you out while browsing. I’ll admit it, I’m a gamer. And I decided to build something to help me be more productive as a gamer. Neverwinter is a MMORPG game, and it had an online webportal that players would use almost all day for mundane tasks while out of game. This little extension was built to notify me when my tasks were complete. You can find out more about it on it’s github repo. Uses basic Javascript with some small HTML for the settings page.

Design Front-End Personal Projects Wordpress

Darkfall: Unholy Wars WP Theme

Recently I launched an info site for an upcoming game called Darkfall: Unholy Wars. This site was needed because the info out there provided by the creators was very lacking. I thought this would be a great project to learn more WordPress Theme Development and create my own theme. My foresight tells me it will always be a “work in progress”.

Front-End Mobile

Future Olympic Village

While I was working for Domani Studios, I was tasked with an odd request. Make a website primarily for an iPad. Having an iPad first objective was quite interesting. Desktop version comes second? It shows how the consumer market is going more and more towards mobile.

This site was to show off different exhibits in the London Games Olympic Village. The project was extremely fun building it and crossing the hurdles of optimizing for mobile along with the normal cross browser compliance.

Check out the site