Apps Design Front-End Mobile Personal Projects

Match Chat – Hackweek 2015

I got together with a few others for the yearly Hackweek. We had an idea, it was cool, and we built it well. Using Node, Gulp, Sass, Express, yada yada yada. My personal goal was to get back into using the new tech stacks that are out there. This project was the most fun I have had (in development) since the past 2 years. I felt the passion come alive again. We ended up getting 3rd place out of 16 teams. We were also the only project that was live in “Prod”. Yeah, we took it live…and we did it in 2 days. Live Google Image search for thumbnails. Live Twitter Trends for room creation (with a couple of needed rooms for the biz ūüėČ ), and much more!

You can check it out at

Apps Design Mobile Personal Projects

Android Phonegap – DFUW Status

I recently published an Android app to go along with the Darkfall Unholy Wars site. The objectives were to familiarize myself with app development and to provide the website and game users a way to see the status of the game servers via mobile. I chose Phonegap to ‘bridge the gap’ between HTML, CSS and Javascript with the native device framework. It was a great entry project into the world of app development. Phonegap provided a way to develop the UI of the app in a comfortable environment, but I feel Phonegap has it’s limitations to provide more advanced native features.

Want to test it out? Head on over to Google Play and download it!

Apps Front-End Mobile Personal Projects

TODO List Widget

Diving more into Backbone, SASS, and a new scaffolding workflow I came across (yeoman), I decided to also play around with the webkitSpeechRecognition api. This todo list widget will save locally a list of items you want to get done. If you use a webkit browser (Chrome), it will also allow you to use voice to add items to your list. I am starting to appreciate Backbone much more (even though its a headache at first). The Yeoman Generators helped kickstart the project in a matter of seconds, and who doesn’t love SASS?

Note: The Speech Recognition only works in Chrome.

Apps Front-End Personal Projects

Neverwinter Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions can be very helpful. Especially if you find something that can help you out while browsing. I’ll admit it, I’m a gamer. And I decided to build something to help me be more productive as a gamer. Neverwinter is a MMORPG game, and it had an online webportal that players would use almost all day for mundane tasks while out of game. This little extension was built to notify me when my tasks were complete. You can find out more about it on it’s github repo. Uses basic Javascript with some small HTML for the settings page.

Apps Design Front-End Mobile Personal Projects

Lunch Race

Created a web app that utilizes Google Maps API along with Places and Geolocation. This app will detect where you are based off of your IP, or allow you to enter an address.  Then will return up to 20 results of food locations. Once locations have been found, you are given a chance to race them to see where you should have lunch, breakfast, dinner, whenever! Even created a mobile version to give it more of a Mobile App feel.


Apps Design Flash Personal Projects


Created a personal Calorie Calculator that uses user data to calculate what your daily intake of calories should be to maintain your weight. My main objective here was to familiarize myself with the Adobe AIR framework and create a cross-platform desktop app.

Download CaloricCalc