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SnowFlake Catcher

Flash ActionScript 3 game made as a personal gift to Facebook Fans and Friends. See how many snowflakes you can catch on Harry’s tongue!

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Created a personal Calorie Calculator that uses user data to calculate what your daily intake of calories should be to maintain your weight. My main objective here was to familiarize myself with the Adobe AIR framework and create a cross-platform desktop app.

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E-Learning Course

Created an e-learning course from scratch with it’s own custom framework for a Healthcare Company based out of Dallas. People loved the interaction and I was pretty happy with it myself. Of course, I had to do the course structure, design, and development. That was probably the biggest challenge!

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Snowball Brawl

Nice little flash game I developed using ActionScript 2.0 for a youth marketing panel during the holiday season.

Object of the Game:

Throw Snowballs at the kids on the other side of the ice-wall. See how many you can hit within a certain time-frame.

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