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Match Chat – Hackweek 2015

I got together with a few others for the yearly Hackweek. We had an idea, it was cool, and we built it well. Using Node, Gulp, Sass, Express, yada yada yada. My personal goal was to get back into using the new tech stacks that are out there. This project was the most fun I have had (in development) since the past 2 years. I felt the passion come alive again. We ended up getting 3rd place out of 16 teams. We were also the only project that was live in “Prod”. Yeah, we took it live…and we did it in 2 days. Live Google Image search for thumbnails. Live Twitter Trends for room creation (with a couple of needed rooms for the biz 😉 ), and much more!

You can check it out at

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Dad Blog WP Theme

On the brink of becoming a first time father, I felt I needed a place to drop my feelings about pre-baby feelings and post. I wanted to create a place that fearless(yet scared shitless) dads could come for support, reassurance, etc. So, I created Spittin’ and Shittin’. A modern dad approach to mine and hopefully other dads out there. The goal was to bring on other authors to have different tones through the site. Have people connect with the authors and possible create a community. It’s just over a year old. Now that I am chasing a little one around, its even harder to get time to post my thoughts.

Apps Front-End Mobile Personal Projects

TODO List Widget

Diving more into Backbone, SASS, and a new scaffolding workflow I came across (yeoman), I decided to also play around with the webkitSpeechRecognition api. This todo list widget will save locally a list of items you want to get done. If you use a webkit browser (Chrome), it will also allow you to use voice to add items to your list. I am starting to appreciate Backbone much more (even though its a headache at first). The Yeoman Generators helped kickstart the project in a matter of seconds, and who doesn’t love SASS?

Note: The Speech Recognition only works in Chrome.